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Skies fill with butterflies


 The skies above downtown Mariposa are filled with colorful butterflies, and the sidewalks are decorated with chalk art as Mariposa school children participated in the first activities of the 2012 Butterfly Festival.

Students will continue the releases and artwork throughout the day. Downtown Mariposa is bustling with activity and people, and the weather promises to be just about perfect for the weekend-long event.

In the attached video, MES 5th-grader Samantha Venters shows that it's not always easy to "release" painted lady butterflies.

Video by Erik Skindrud/GAZETTE REPORTER

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Omg im sooooooo funny i can

Omg im sooooooo funny i can also sing haha but im hularious haha lol haha im laughing my but off haha lol haha lol haha lol

I hope this video will be up

I hope this video will be up for the weekend so Samantha's father, family and friends can see how cute this is! She's getting a genuine "Butterfly Kiss" Last year was my first walk among a release area and my first time 'feeding' a butterfly. It's a totally enchanting experience!

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