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Yosemite waterfalls attract visitors to Park

The Lower Yosemite Fall viewing platform is attracting crowds of visitors eager to experience the power, wind and spray of North America's tallest waterfall.

With the season's precipitation total near 70 percent and snowpack near 50 percent of average, Yosemite's waterfall's are not at record levels. Park falls are approaching peak performance for the year, however. 

The viewing platform at Lower Yosemite Fall and the Mist Trail to Vernal and Nevada Fall are among the most popular places to experience Yosemite's waterfalls up close. Yosemite Valley's Bridalveil Fall near the Valley's west end is also attracting visitors.

The attached video clip shows Lower Yosemite Fall on the afternoon of Sunday, April 29. One estimate has Yosemite waterfalls peaking this year during the third week of May.

Photos and video by Erik Skindrud/GAZETTE REPORTERPhotos and video by Erik Skindrud/GAZETTE REPORTERPeak waterfall volume usually accompanies warm weather, however. High temperatures on Sunday in the Yosemite area were mostly in the 70s.

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Thank you for using my comment. It was for real. You can email me. I'll respond to verify my existance. Or, call Sterling and Shelley Rae Johnson. Shelley was a classmate in college a million years ago. If I lived in Mariposa I'd be in your office quite often just because... well just because. As the Managing Director at the Calimesa Chamber I do get to do some writing for my former paper the News Mirror. I love the captcha thing, especially the part about being "a human visitor." Thans and good day. BILL

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I like this newspaper. A former reporter for a local weekly, it is good to read a quality local paper where some friends live. Good journalism, my friends. Bill, calimesachamber@yahoo.com.

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