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Mariposa soldier receives minor injuries in Afghanistan firefight

Army Spc. Jack Brown of Mariposa was slightly wounded in an ambush that left another soldier dead and one seriously injured in Afghanistan last week, his wife Chantell Brown said.

The incident occurred in Afghanistan's Wardak Province on April 17. A bullet fired by a Taliban sniper grazed the cheek of Brown, 28. The projectile then hit the back of his helmet and spun the soldier around.

The incident happened as the unit conducted a daytime patrol in a grassy valley located in Afghanistan's volatile Wardak Province. The Taliban hid in the grass and opened fire as the unit approached to a distance of about 25 feet, Chantell Brown said.

Brown grew up in Midpines and graduated from Mariposa County High School in 2002. His wife, who lives on Italian Creek Road off Highway 49 South, said Jack called her around midnight California time on the night of April 16-17 to tell her the news.

"He said it was just like a cat scratch," Chantell Brown recalled. "He was laughing when he was telling me. I was saying, 'This is not funny.'"

A story about Brown's service in Afghanistan ran in the GAZETTE on Feb. 16. You can read it here.


Read the MARIPOSA GAZETTE on May 3 to learn more about Brown's Army Spc. Jack Brown grew up in Mariposa County.Army Spc. Jack Brown grew up in Mariposa County.escape and his plans for the future.


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