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Storm lashes county Thursday into Friday

As of 8:30 a.m. on Friday, National Weather Service radar showed heavy bands of rain passing over Mariposa County. Most of the storm's energy was focused on the southern Sierra east of Tulare County, however.

On Friday morning, snow was accumulating down to the 3,000-foot level in Mariposa County. Rain lashed the foothills, filling creeks to capacity and flooding some fords on Bear Creek in Midpines (see video).

Rain up to Friday morning was steady but moderate, with the county's Jerseydale weather station posting less than an inch of rain for the 72 hours ending at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Of note in the recent weather has been wind, thunder and lightning not seen up to this point in the rainy season.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service reported a possible funnel cloud in northern Tulare County. Thursday evening in Mariposa saw several hours of lightning flashes and thunder--which seemed centered towards the Lake Don Pedro area.

Friday afternoon's forecast called for showers and then clearing. As often happens in the foothills, showers could linger into Saturday morning, the NWS said.

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In your story "Storm lashes

In your story "Storm lashes county Thursday into Friday" there is a vedio of water approaching a resedential bridge. This is my property. How can I put this video on Face Book or send it to my friends? Need Help

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