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Possible lodging cuts could hit TOT funding

By Erik Skindrud

 Yosemite managers are fine-tuning a plan to limit crowding and protect the Merced River from tourist trampling.

When finalized later this year, the plan will likely reduce the number of visitor lodging units in Yosemite Valley.

County officials are casting wary eyes at the proposed cuts—because they will reduce critical hotel-tax revenue.

Four of five preliminary alternatives released last month involve lodging reductions. The four alternatives set Valley overnight room caps of 480 to 1,000 units.

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The TOT reported by DNC from

The TOT reported by DNC from within the valley may drop but I believe there is lodging available in Wawona, which is still within Mariposa County. There is always lodging available in the "Gateway" communities of which I believe Mariposa County has a few.

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