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Board votes to close MMS


 At its special meeting on Thursday night, the Mariposa County Unified School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved the closure of Mariposa Middle School beginning in the 2012-13 school year.

The board heard plans of how Woodland and Mariposa Elementary Schools plan to handle the kindergarten through eighth grade configurations at their sites. It also got an update on potential changes to the district's home to school transportation system next year.

There were a couple of bright spots at the meeting, as well. The board restored the positions of three ROP teachers at Mariposa County High School, on teacher at Coulterville High School and two teachers at Yosemite Park High School.

For a complete report on the meeting, see the April 5 edition of the Mariposa Gazette.

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One of the reasons I choose

One of the reasons I choose to raise my kids here in Mariposa is because of the great schools (compared to the bay area) Last year we saw the closing of two schools, one of those being a very important and necessary option. Now this coming year they are going to shut down the Middle school. MES and Woodland are still adjusting to the changes from last years closures. Next year the district is going to toss a bunch of hormonal teenagers in to the mix. There are multiple reasons why this is a huge mistake. One of those reasons is the Bully issues MES already has. Its just going to get worse. This whole thing is ridiculous. How have these schools been able to afford to stay open for so many years, but now they are all getting compacted into 3 main schools in such a short amount of time? I for one do not feel comfortable sending my 8th grade teen back to elementary school with all those little kids. I also do not feel comfortable allowing my 2nd and 5th grader to go to school with all those teens.

This should have been done

This should have been done last year. And as for Admin cuts, yes this is the fourth site admin that has been cut/eliminated in the last two years (fifth in the last five years).

So what does this mean for

So what does this mean for the kids that were supposed to graduate 6th grade? Does this cancel graduation? how is this really going to work. i mean the class sizes are big as it is. How is this going to be beneficial to our kids?

why is it that there are

why is it that there are never any cuts in administration costs...it's always the kids that get hurt or the teachers and support staff who work with them. Has this district made any administrative cuts since these money woes hit? If the District enrollment has shrunk so badly, shouldn't there be less need for administrators? It's sad that at some point, it always comes to be more about supporting a bunch of adults than educating a bunch of kids. I can't say I'm surprised though, I can't think of the last time a school board actually made a major decision I could agree with.

They say the enrollmenthas

They say the enrollmenthas shrunk then it is about tim to cut at the District office instead of giving people large raises. All you do is take away from the kids. No wonder people take there children elsewere or Home School them in Oakhurst. If I had children in school I pack up and take them elewhere. We mov here because the schools were good and had good things to offer. But has sure gone down hill. Gladmy children are where their children can have a good school, and not a Distric like Mariposa has NOW!

I agree with you. It is

I agree with you. It is always the kids. What about the septic at Woodlan? When the school district checked before it wouldn't handle extra kids. I can understand why the enrollment is down. I wouldn't want to go here. What do you have to offer? Good teachers is the only thing.

Has anyone considered using

Has anyone considered using the administrative offices next to the High School as classrooms? Move one of those portables for essential Admin staff to another piece of school district property. Does the school district still own the property @ the airport? Where else can they set up admin in a potable?? All the space @ the High School and Mariposa Elementary should be utilized as classrooms.

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