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County rainfall is about half of normal

Photo: Western Regional Climate Center/Greg McCurdy


The county's Jerseydale weather station has received 20.36 inches of precipitation since the rainy season's start on July 1.

With an average annual rainfall of around 38 inches, the tally brings this season's rainfall to about half of a year's total. Data from Merced stations published by the National Weather Service this week shows the area's rainfall at between 47 and 50 percent of normal for this time of year.

The recent numbers represent an improvement over a month or two ago, when area rainfall stood at about 30 percent of normal.

Sitting near Mariposa County's center at 3,900 feet, the automated Jerseydale station is one of the county's most reliable. Records at a Yosemite Valley station go back to 1906 but include gaps in data. Similar gaps plague the Mariposa Ranger Station site at 2,100 feet off Highway 49 North.

With its lower elevation, the Mariposa station has annual average precipitation of 30 inches--8 inches less than the 3,900-ft. level.

The Jerseydale Remote Automated Weather Station, or RAWS, is located near the intersection of Jerseydale and Triangle roads. It can be accessed 24 hours a day at http://www.raws.dri.edu/cgi-bin/rawMAIN.pl?caCJER

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