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Rapist enters plea, gets 25-years to life

By Jill Ballinger, Gazette Editor

Jimmy LeonardJimmy LeonardHis violent, home invasion crime shook Mariposa’s sense of small town security, and now Jimmy L. Leonard, will spent at least the next 25 years behind bars.

Leonard, 47, pleaded guilty some 15 felony counts associated with the crime. Among those were six specific counts of sexual assault.

Leonard was arrested on Aug. 2, after a 23-year-old mother of two reported that an unknown man had entered her apartment, bound her and sexually assaulted her.

The victim was present in the courtroom when Leonard entered his plea.
Leonard was found just hours after the crime. Even though the victim did not know him, he lived in the same apartment complex as she and her children.

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He came into her home with a

He came into her home with a crowbar, woke her from a dead sleep, forced himself on her, then tied her up and left. Said he was there to "teach girls like her to lock their doors." What if this had happened to your mom, sister, friend... would you want them to be judged (However wrong they obviously are.) What a rude and hurtful thing to say.

How in the world does it

How in the world does it matter that the woman who was attacked "wasn't exactly an angel"?

~He without sin cast the

~He without sin cast the first stone~

25 years isn't enough for

25 years isn't enough for such an evil man.

The woman who was attacked

The woman who was attacked wasn't exactly an angel.

For one she is actually an

For one she is actually an angel. For two, How dare you? Just because the two of you don't get along, doesn't give you any right to post/say something like that.

does that matter? Are you

does that matter? Are you saying because shes not an angel, she deserves to have her home invaded, and her body violated? Or are you saying this man does not deserve a longer sentence because you think she was not an angel.

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