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County wants money paid to former supervisor back


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Mr. Aborn.... I'm sure you

Mr. Aborn.... I'm sure you were all about all of us county employees having to pay back the mistake made with the taxes that we were not aware of. Now its your turn. Too bad for you that you might lose your house. Look how many of us could hardly even have money for our childrens christmas last year paying back money that we did not know we were going to have to owe. I dont thing the board cares about the county employees. heck, they probably make way more than us and yet continue to make sure they are getting paid and getting raises which some of us have not seen in years. You sir, made decent money, you should have to learn to live within your means like all of us do. Pay back what you owe, its only right.

As a former Mariposa County

As a former Mariposa County general employee, I recall a recent situation where an error in tax withholding had occurred at the County level that had gone undiscovered for years. Once it was, however, the employees were notified of the amount of money that had to pay back to the County (or risk a second W2 reflecting the amount as income) and were also given a deadline date to pay it back. I, like many others, paid on time as we were requested to do, and I think I can safely say that the majority of employees that were affected by the error made considerably less than what Mr. Aborn did as supervisor, yet made installment payments if necessary to make things right. It was not easy, as the payment deadline was in December and right before Christmas, but it was done. Suck it up and pay the money back, Mr. Aborn. Regardless of whether or not you are in agreement with the decision, it's the right thing to do.

I can't believe this county

I can't believe this county is paying these supervisors more then gas used and phone cost,for their duties as a supervisor.When you offer pay like that you open the door for the wrong type of people to run for these supervisor part time,full pay jobs. Get rid of the pay,and you will get people who love there county and want the best for it. You won't get people who will run right down to unemployment when there supervisor job ends.Or got another county job(from doing favors for that county enity) so they can get free health insurance. Change is needed with supervisors pay.

A fiscal conservative thinks

A fiscal conservative thinks he should benefit from another's mistake? It is all too common: If I suffer a loss, it must be somebody else's fault. This one stretches the logic further: If I "suffer" a gain, and it is someone else's mistake, I get to keep it! Apparently, Mr. Aborn has no innate sense of morality and was never instructed in morality or ethics. No wonder so-called "public servants" are held in such low esteem.

Mr. Aborn states, “The

Mr. Aborn states, “The question boils down to this: should I have to pay back the money when it was (EDD’s) mistake?” Excuse me!? If you received money that you were not entitled to, why would you think it shouldn't have to be paid back, regardless of who's error it was? Many years ago my bank incorrectly credited my account with funds deposited by someone else. I saw the error and immediately brought it to the bank's attention. They, of course, rightly debited my account. Now, however, I may wish to use Mr. Aborn's logic and explain to the bank that they should advance those funds again since it was their error, not mine. I think I'll give it a try. Merry Christmas to me!

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