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Gatz pleads to three cruelty felonies

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This man has been known for

This man has been known for years as an abusive horse trader. If you are defending him, you either don't know him or are not from around here. He makes and has made his money sending horses to slaughter for over 25 years. He farms out stock for illegal rodeos know that they will be abused, sends CA horses over the border, sells horses to be sacrificed and understands full well that it is all illegal. He also knows that nobody will do anything about it because nobody ever has. Don't believe me? Just get chummy and ask him yourself. He is a self professed "connected" guy and the police should be scared .... bla bla bla. You get the picture. His business license should be revoked and he should not be able to trade any type of livestock at all anymore. Mark my words, he will continue to do the same thing that he has done for years until someone stops him.

You all don't understand

You all don't understand nothing you just hear stuff and assume, he put those horses up there so they could put there heads down and eat all they wanted. There was good feed fresh water at all times up there. I see people all over with horses on pasture with no shelter!! If your all so concern about this, why don't you get up off your but and go to hoses sales and see what kinda horses go through them, he was try to save them put them on good grass, and if he was such a bad man why would he spend the money to put wormer down there mouths and waist the time to haul them up there. People all over are dumping horses, no one wants them, can't feed them. So they just dump them places. He did try and make an attempt to save them

Are you really that ignorant?

Are you really that ignorant? First of all he's a known kill buyer . Read the article dummy it talks about strangles. if he cared that much he would have treated the strangles . shelter was in the wording yes but there isn't a law about shelter . it's about his inhumane treatment of animals . quit playing the poor him card they were dumped on him. cry me a river . he has a phone call the police when horses are dumped. it's not like a trailer is invincible when it unloads a horse he sees dollar signs when horses get dumped because instead of spending $50 to sell for $300 its a pure profit margin for him when they're dumped since he sends to slaughter but supposedly wormed these horses that only proves the whole controversy with slaughter the chemicals in wormers etc are the reason slaughter is so bad. Know your facts .

I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the other posts that he should never be allowed to have animals again and he should have to pay his fines to SPCA. Thank you to the caring person who reported him in the first place.

i for one live next door to

i for one live next door to where this happened,,, this verdict is appauling and the judge should be ashamed!!!!!!! this man is the one who should have been put down!!!! he will do it again

This amounts to a slap on the

This amounts to a slap on the wrist for horrendous cruelty. At the very least the sentence should include his being forbidden from having/being in association with animals for the remainder of his life.

GATZ should NOT EVER be

GATZ should NOT EVER be allowed to own or have any animals ever again!!!!! :-( I think he is a sick & twisted monster :-(

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