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Board moves to make pot co-ops and dispensaries illegal

By Jill Ballinger GAZETTE EDITOR

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Agree with some of the last

Agree with some of the last comment but not the mildly intoxicating part. Marijuana can be highly intoxicating as chemistry plays a greater role in creating seriously potent varieties. Some of the most intense plants can cause serious paranoia, auditory hallucinations and a host of other sensory disturbances that are anything but mild.

Oh no, not this again. The

Oh no, not this again. The BOS will never OK growing pot in this county even if the states citizens have approved it. The best they can do is delay making the decision which is their style. They will NEVER solve the problem. Now they are going after the cooperatives which is the situation they created when they denied the dispensaries the legal right to operate in this county. Now instead of the cooperatives growing their product, we will have hundreds of private gardens growing it. Does the BOS ever put any thought into any decision they make? If people are raiding these gardens with guns or violence, then they are the criminals, not the growers. If someone robs a liquor store, are they going to ban the stores?

end prohibition.

end prohibition.

While I do not necessarily

While I do not necessarily advocate the use of marijuana any more than that of alcohol and tobacco, I do strongly believe that this modern-day prohibition should be ended. People like it, people use it and no threat of criminal prosecution or misguided eradication and control will change that fact. We have a billion dollar commodity in the hands of potentially violent criminals and the unregulated black market as well as the significant law enforcement and prosecution being wasted on the futile effort to remove it from society. Decriminalization, regulation and taxation (as with alcohol and tobacco) are the most prudent and wise solutions to this "problem". This situation is EXACTLY the same as prohibition was in the early 20th century. It was divisive, expensive and unworkable then and is so today. Marijuana is beer. Mildly intoxicating, not harmful to the environment when grown properly and could be cheap and easy to grow and obtain from growers and merchants. We are only just discovering the significant health benefits for those who use it medically. The founding fathers grew hemp as a multi-use product and we should too.

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