2011-09-22 / Sports

Grizzlies fall to Wolves in tough clash

By Dan Tucker

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Great job

Great job Grizzles.......... I am proud parent of a Varsity Bears player, I find it sad that the Bears game highlights are never listed in this paper. The Bears have great coaches and players that are doing awesome this year and won their game on this past Saturday against Calvery in Modesto 36-0. It would be great if our only hometown paper could recognize the hard work of this league as these players are our future Grizzles.... GO BEARS!!!!!! (FYI The next game is on 10/1 in LeGrand maybe you could have someone go out and get some shots, start times are on the Bears website or FB page)

We never receive results from

We never receive results from the Bears, as often as we request them, no response. Sorry.


http://www.mariposabears.com/Mariposa_Youth_Football/Schedule.html www.facebook.com/mariposabears (updated throughout each game Jr novice through Varsity) No excuses now!!!

As a parent of a varsity

As a parent of a varsity Grizzlies football player(currently out due to dislocated shoulder) a JV Grizzlies Cheerleader and 2 Varsity Bears players we look forward to the weekly paper showing support to these young players and all of the coaches. However it has been rather disheartening that we haven't seen anything about our Bears and how well the league is doing. I love that you cover the Grizzlies as both my players on the Grizzlies each started out as bears and have moved up to play for the High School. If it is a lack of information that you are not being provided then I know plenty of Bears football and cheerleader parents who will gladly submit this for you, not just that but the abundance of pictures that combined we have. I am in no way trying to take away from our Grizzlies but I do feel that every child is important, and just because they arent in High School doesnt mean they dont go out there and play with all the HEART they have. It would also be nice to see the paper mentioning our coaches with praises and thank you's for all they do. Without the dedicatation of their time to help give these children an alternative to boredom (which can lead to destructive behaviors)who knows where some of these children could end up. I for one am thankful we have such awesome people who give so much of themselves. Back to why the lack of interest in the younger league is confusing to me because I know personally that the parents, family members and community support these children why isn't our local paper??? Just an extra thought I rarely see pictures of the cheerleaders either of the Grizzlies or Bears and as a mother of one I know she like the others go out and give as much energy and enthusiasm as any other athlete. I personally doubt i could lift other cheerleaders up toss them and catch them all while cheering for 2 hrs and providing halftime entertainment. Please take into consideration all these athletes and if information is what your needing then just ask and Im positive you will get it. Also scores for both Grizzlies and Bears are being updated on the bears facebook site as they happen, I know this because unfortunately I wasnt able to make it to a Grizzlies away game as well as a bears away game but I was updated each quarter and each time a score was made not only for high school but for the bears league as well. Thank you and hope to see more of all athletes in the future.

Hmm, well I had thought that

Hmm, well I had thought that being you are "journalists" dont you go OUT and get this information, does it need to be submitted? Who goes out to the Grizzles game and takes pictures and play by play stats? Are you telling me thats all submitted by a parent or coach REALLY? If what you are saying is true above than is it to be assumed all your info printed is only done so after a citizen of this county submits it? All I am saying is why not GO find out what the kids in this county are doing? I cant imagine that your employees are so busy covering other stories that no one can look into the Bears, come on you have two pages of sports coverage... Step it up Gazette

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