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Fish Camp and Wawona, including the south entrance to Yosemite at Highway 41, are located in Mariposa County. The obvious bias of the tourism bureau to promote the town of Mariposa at the expense of the rest of the County is well documented in last week’s article, “Tourism Bureau Continues Efforts.”

As a lodging establishment owner in Fish Camp for the last 10 years, I’ve never had so much as a phone call from Jeff Hentz. Not only am I required to fund an agency that competes against me, I’m paying them to actively drive traffic away from my location. Shame on Supervisors Cann and Allen for encouraging this favoritism. If I stopped paying my monthly TOT, I’m sure someone would notice me then. Pamela Salisbury

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Maybe the name of the

Maybe the name of the YOSEMITE / MARIPOSA TOURISM BOARD needs to be changed to the MARIPOSA TOURISM BOARD and then fund itself with money only from the "town" of Mariposa. The website does show the existence of others parts of the county but the billboards in neighboring counties only mention Mariposa.

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