2011-08-11 / Obituaries

Brink of disaster

Having watched the Republicans take the country to the brink of disaster by threatening to not raise the debt ceiling; having watched the Democrats being forced to give in to almost all of their demands in order to keep the disaster from happening; I can only hope the rest of the country joins me in saying "enough." We need to vote out the representatives who were willing to watch the country crash and burn because they feel keeping the oil company tax subsidies are more important than our ability to pay our debts.

At the same time they claimed to be fiscally responsible, the Republicans refused to pass the FAA budget because they are trying to break the FAA union. This is costing the country $200 million a week in taxes; has furloughed 4,000 FAA employees who now have no paycheck coming in; and as put as many as 90,000 other people out of work because the FAA construction projects they were working on are now on hold.

If you hear a Republican member of Congress claim to be fiscally responsible and/or in favor of creating jobs, laugh in their face; the FAA budget shows they are neither.

And now that the debt limit is raised, the representatives are taking a six week vacation. Guess they have to rest up from all their labors. As far as all those FAA workers and contractors who aren't getting paychecks? Well, they get a vacation too - they just don't have a paycheck coming in for it. And during this six weeks, that will be $1.2 billion of airline taxes we won't be collecting. But I guess getting a vacation was more important than dealing with business.

I'm disgusted. I hope others are too and that everyone remembers this kind of folly in 2012. Anne Brock

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