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Vicious dog lands Mariposa man in jail

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Imagine how the owner of the

Imagine how the owner of the bitten dog feels about their pet but you never mention that. You sound just like the many pitbull owners who think their dogs are safe and friendly.

there is nothing wrong with

there is nothing wrong with pitt bulls..it all depends on the owner and how they are raised...i have a 19 month old daghter and a pitt and they get along GREAT....he is the most loving dog ever!!

I miss my Bella!!Its sad that

I miss my Bella!!Its sad that a dog can be taken away from its family for no reason at all!!!We will miss you Bella forever!!I love you!!!Love Jennster Lynster

I will miss my girly

I will miss my girly girly!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love you bella!!!!!!!Isabella BellaWella.....BabyBellaCheese....Girly Girly

This dog is one of the best

This dog is one of the best dogs ever!!!!!I love you bella and i always will.....its just sad that people can do this to a perfectly good dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll miss my girlygirly..I love you bella

I have had the pleasure of

I have had the pleasure of meeting both of these so called vicious dogs. Spike is deaf and missing the majority of his teeth, while Bella is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever been around. Becasue of the way society discriminates against pitbulls I had a fear of them until I spent time Bella and Spike never once being growled and/or nipped at. She is obviously a happy dog who was full of life. On top of portraying these dogs characters incorrectly, the facts printed in this newspaper are incorrect. The paper mislead its audience into believing it happened more recent. The incident happened in May not "last Friday". As far as the owner Ryan Miranda "landing himself in jail", he was booked and released with no actual jail time. This article is hardly news worthy let alone having it on the front page. And if you must have it on the front page at least do your research and print correct facts. This newspaper should focus its efforts on things more possitive, noteworthy or not. This was a sweet dog made out to be some kind of monster. Thanks Jill for such thorough research and superb editing. Sincerely, A concerned Mariposa citizen P.S. Long live Bella!

we all love you bella

we all love you bella

long live bella!!!!! i love

long live bella!!!!! i love her forever.the world is a sadder place and for our families a little less safe.. her and her brother can chase all the yappy little mutts they want now. and wow get your dates right guys. this whole thing went down monts ago. RIP

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