2011-06-30 / Front Page


Supervisors wrangle with wicked shortfall
By Jill Ballinger

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Stop picking on Jim,

Stop picking on Jim, (RYDINGSORD), at least get his name right. Jim has brought (or atleast tried) to bring good things to this community. Yes, I agree there is 1 or 2 programs that should be dropped, because of the way they continue to run, but for the most part, Jim cares, and he is trying to do what he can. Have you met or talked to him, or are you just judging? Maybe you should make an appt to talk with him... and see where he stands.

Get Rid-off Jim

Get Rid-off Jim Rydingsworth. Get rid-off dead log employees and Jim Rydingsworth. He is not even from this community and he will leave with a nice pension while we have to pay for the Monster Building

Monster Building How about

Monster Building How about get rid off Jim Rydingsworth. He uses tax payers money to build the Monster Building. He uses soft money from grant proposals that are written to help low income families, but then he tries his best for the money not be spent so he can pay the $90,000 monthly mortgage payment. Let's get ridoff him before he cash on the pention and leave us stuck with the bill. His salary along will be a great savings.

To the person who said cut

To the person who said cut the sheriff budget in half... Do you have any idea what you are talking about? I think it is safe to assume you get your numbers from the gazette daily log. You obviously have no idea the amount of work that the dept puts into making your community safe. People like you amaze me. You bash law enforcement until you need them. I guarantee you that you call for cuts now, but when you get assaulted or burglarized you will be demanding for the highest service possible and you will be furious when they are unable to afford to give you that service.

Cut the sheriffs department

Cut the sheriffs department budget in half it is way to big for the small amount crime we have.

OK, How about stop paying the

OK, How about stop paying the electricity for the privatized / subsidized Airport ($80,000 + this year) Park some of those county vehicles and save on maintenance and fuel costs.(Probation Dept and Co. Fire for example, using County vehicles for private business) Zero County cell phones and lap tops...(use your own and deduct on your taxes... deduct your work miles when you use you private vehicle as well) Let us all pay our property taxes, churches too, as Jesus said "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's..." Did you all know we don't even require County business licenses? And we all know the private Ambulance Co. is subsidized $150,000 per year. Why not go Non profit as Sierra Ambulance in Oakhurst?? And what costs can be cut from that new, monster County building on HWY 49?? You folks are tossing money @ too many folks. Churches and service orgs do continue to help the community, w/o them we would be in even worse shape. Get it together you guys!

I will pray for everyone who

I will pray for everyone who is involve in making such difficult decisions.

Pray and vote. Vote to get

Pray and vote. Vote to get those who are taking advantage of their position for personal financial gain out of office!

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