2011-05-12 / Obituaries

Lawrence Robert Ansley, Sr.

Lawrence Robert Ansley, Sr. (Bob) died peacefully at his son’s home in Encinitas, CA on March 16, from pneumonia. Mr. Ansley, Sr. was the son of the late Lillian and Jack Messenger, long-time residents of Mariposa. After his mother’s death in 1985, Ansley, Sr. and his wife, the late Margaret Ansley, frequently vacationed in Mariposa, staying at his late parents’ apartment. Mr. Ansley, Sr. had inherited his mother’s property which includes a retail store, a small house and two apartments.

Bob was a native of Los Angeles, served in the military in World War II, and later was a police officer in Beverly Hills. He also owned a gas/auto mechanic station in Los Angeles. After his retirement in the 1980s, he and his wife traveled extensively through Europe and Asia.

Bob was born in 1917, and would have celebrated his 94th birthday in June. He is survived by his only son, Lawrence Robert Ansley, Jr.; three granddaughters, Laura Ansley, Janet Granucci and Alix Ansley, and four great grandchildren.

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