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Nelson concert at CSR erased, refunds made


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When the Coyote Springs

When the Coyote Springs people referred to events beyond their control I believe they were talking about CS not being able to guarantee to Willie Nelson that a public assemblage permit would be granted, and, at that, only for 2500 or fewer participants, rather than the 5,000 claimed by GMIAQT2. For obvious reasons, people in the music world CS may also have had a hard time explaining to Willie Nelson how it was the DA was getting involved. That could well have been a red flag for Willie no matter what was said! With an audience of only 2500 being allowed for, nobody would have made much money. In the meantime, I'd love to reserve three seats in the front bleacher in anticipation of GMIAQT2's coming world class show at the fairgrounds. If any top-billed act would agree to do it, that would be great! We could shuttle people from Woodland School in school buses!

Just to clarify: the 5000

Just to clarify: the 5000 people that I remarked about was what the Baker camp had origionally stated a few months ago.I believe it was in excess of 5000. When they realized that they couldn't make the permitting process time line for a Conditional Use Permit they opted to try for an assembly permit which has a limit of 2500 people. Also, I never said that a world class show was coming to the fairgrounds, what I said was that it would had been a more appropriate place to have an event. A place with actual seating, bathrooms, RV parking etc already in place. I do understand that the Baker camp had stated that Willie's people didn't want to come to such a venue which seems odd to me because our airgrounds is unlike most. It is quaint and charming, not large and assuming. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that the event will not happen in Mariposa County, regardless of what facility it would had been held at.

Ron, I am in complete

Ron, I am in complete agreement with you regarding our misfortune in having lost out on the pr golden egg the Willie Nelson event would have brought to our county. That one event, if it had come to fruition, could have given our county a name as an established music venue that would attract a flow of similar, some lesser, acts, drawing thousands of music lovers to our hotels, motels, shops and more. Over time that could have been tens of millions in indirect revenue for county businesses. Wouldn't that have been great. My apologies for presuming you were suggesting we aim for a world class event like Willie Nelson through the lure of the fairgrounds. My misunderstanding. That would have been silly. I guess for me the big lesson brought home by the Gazette's great coverage is how superbly the Coyote Springs Willie Nelson story demonstrates the saying about people cutting off their nose to spite their face. Boyd.

Would of been a nice event to

Would of been a nice event to been at. Wish Coyote Springs could resolve there permit issues. So many neat family events they have brought,and have tried to bring.Wish these well connected people against this would back off. What a wonderful place and theme for familys to enjoy and make memories.Coyote Springs,please don't give up,and be sure to do the paper work.I want to enjoy your events,at your unique place

That's to bad,that would of

That's to bad,that would of been a nice concert to of attended.Wish it could of worked out.So many neat things Coyote Ranch is trying to offer the people up here. Wish they could hire a office manager to take care of permits,since permits have been what's stopping all this family fun. With those few that are so against this place,and their connections,I would make sure all legal things are covered,then let the family memories of this unique place start.

Are they (Baker-Castaldi

Are they (Baker-Castaldi camp) kidding? The permitting process was not out of their control. Had they applied for the proper permits in advance to bring this concert here, then followed through with the process there could had been a concert here. But as usual they waited and waited and then a few months before the concert, started the procedure. Then when they found that they couldn't meet the time line requirements for proper permiting for a venue of this size they then turned to an assembly permit, which again ended up having restrictions that they couldn't meet in such a short time frame. Again, cart before the horse, which has been the MO for Baker-Castaldi camp since day 1. "Trying to see that the county doesn't get a black eye with the performing arts"....really? As I see it the county doesn't have a black eye here when it comes to these people. They are the ones with the black eyes. Why would anyone try to pull off such an event and then only a few months prior try to get through a permitting process for a venue with over 5000 people? CRAZY. In fact, if they were really worried about keeping the event here they as the promoters could had negotiated to have it at the fairgrounds which would had been a suitable facility for this venue, would had retained the business for Mariposa which Baker keeps saying he is trying to bring people into Mariposa...

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