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First day of spring brings severe storm

Power outages are widespread

A powerful winter storm arrived Saturday evening, and continued through Sunday, drowning the county with rain and a heavy blanket of snow at higher elevations.

Snow even fell in Cathey's Valley overnight. There are multiple incidents of downed trees, at least three have been reported causing damage by falling into homes, and power is out at a number of locations.

Pacific Gas & Electric is advising residents buried in snow at upper elevations like Lushmeadows and Mariposa Pines to be prepared for the power to be out for "an extended period of time." The company hasn't released any estimates as to when power may be restored.

Schools, except for Yosemite Valley Elementary, are all closed and mudslides and downed trees are snarling traffic in several locations. Snow and rain showers are forecast to continue throughout most of Monday with brief break on Tuesday before showers return on Wednesday.

Anyone with photographs of storm damage is invited to email their pictures to mariposagazette@mariposagazette.com.

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Hi - I am a big fan of our

Hi - I am a big fan of our local paper and understand the strains on print publishing over the past ten years. That said, I have found myself frustrated when we are caught in a crisis and we can't count on the Gazette to provide timely updates on matters that impact the safety of the community. With the recent power outages there were no updates to this story, no local PG&E numbers posted for status, etc. With the proliferation of smart phones, the web is still available to many in these situations, even without power. Further, the spread to social networking services provide a free and easy platform to reach even more members of the community. There were no updates via the @mariposagazette Twitter account (since January) and there is no presence at all on Facebook. Keep up the good work on reporting on the community, and please consider these new tools to extend the journalistic standards you provide in print. Regards, Jeff Tidwell Midpines

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