2011-03-03 / Letters

What about the taxpayer?

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this country and laws are run

this country and laws are run on honesty. if that isnt happening then we should inculcate better with past experiences of why this is so important. some may need to be tied down longer to get the point. i dont like the county's plea bargain one bit. seems tax payers are going to be popped in the eye for this either way. so lets get it right. honesty is first. selfishness is not on the list to be compromised with. return the wallet. wouldnt you want yours back? better fix this"mistake" fast. doesnt our county have some type of insurance for when "mistakes" happen? ...dont know the details on how this extra mistake money was doled out, but American Integrity with the people who got the $ is at stake here. we have enough of this problem showing its ugly head in higher places, so lets show how problem solving is supposed to be done. fairly we need the monies back in the right place. can we be reasonable and let it be paid back in time? sure. is there an insurance position that we already pay for that can help? im going to go put some ice on my eye now and get back to work.

Beautifully written &

Beautifully written & carefully reasoned! I also agree with the sentiments of the previous commenter of a new philosophy that "If there isn't a law against it, then it's okay." Worse, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs seem to be churning out students who have learned, "If there IS a law against it, figure out a way around it!" Entire sectors of our economy (e.g. cell phone billing strategies, mortgage & insurance practices, even auditing agencies -- Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?) seem to have graduated from the P.T. Barnum School of Management: "There's a sucker born every minute" so why worry about customer satisfaction, already? That this way of NewThink filters down to the lowest levels, including to some of our own county employees, is unfortunately the new par for the course. Hopefully we'll see a change in golf courses some day, if we don't get hit in the back of the head first by a PT Barnum hacker who believes that yelling "FORE" is just a waste of his precious breath. Thank our lucky stars for guys like Bill Davis who have the courage to call out-of-bounds play a foul, and the communications skills to make everyone aware of it.

Thank you Mr. Davis for a

Thank you Mr. Davis for a quick lesson in principled leadership. Well done.

Regarding the "What About

Regarding the "What About Taxpayers" opinion piece by County Auditor, Bill Davis; How refreshing! We elected a person of intelligence, ethics, integrity, morals, high standards, accountability, professionalism and common sense to an important County position! Once again...how refreshing! He came to our home in Coulterville when he was campaigning and my wife and I asked him a lot of tough questions, which we felt he patiently, thoroughly and intelligently answered, very well. We voted for him and no doubt at all, we made an excellent choice! I think he is a perfect example of the type of "person of high character" we should have and do deserve in our Mariposa County elected officials. I wish there were a lot more like him!

Well said, Mr.

Well said, Mr. Auditor-Controller. The scenario you describe of the selfish and self absorbed attitudes of some people, seems to have overtaken America in ever increasing numbers. It is the philosophy of: if there isn’t a law against it, then it’s okay. Fewer people these days rely on an inner voice of morality, but rather what they can get away with. When it comes to money, I believe we find out who our real American heroes are, and they are not many left anymore.

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