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Indoor grow yields hundreds of pot plants

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Wow....way to support your

Wow....way to support your local law enforcement. Jerks!!

Thank you law enforcement!

Thank you law enforcement! PS-Tyrones brother Taj got away with this again. He lives in Oakhurst

all these comments are so

all these comments are so beautiful! let us speak the all truth!!

I would sure like to see the

I would sure like to see the Mariposa County Keystone Kops actually make a bust on a meth lab or dealer. I remember reading in this rag about 5 or 10 years ago that they actually found some meth lab refuse. Of course, that was on the side of the road, if memory serves right. The Sheriff's Office needs to forget about hassling people for what used to be, albeit probably never should have been, a crime... and look for something thats not only actually criminal, but slowly kills and twists the gourds of it's users. But instead, the Mariposa County Keystone Kops just try to prey on locals and "get em into the system" so the money continues to come in. Of course, it's all part of the vicious circle that Mariposa County embraces with it's ludicrous no-growth policies. You wonder why the kids here have kids and get high, it's because there is NOTHING for the youth of Mariposa here but the hope of getting out as soon as they can. What future does a town have that actually FIGHTS the idea of having jobs for it's own citizens by not allowing companies to come here and do business. You like to think you are "in the mountains" thusly making it OK to only have "mom and pop" stores that charge 500% profit happily to it's captive clientele. I call BS to the city council an to the citizenry that approve this practice. You all look at people without jobs like they are second class citizens for being unemployed yet you offer no alternatives for someone that IS unemployed. My hats off to Subway for fighting their way in and at least providing a few jobs for locals that need them. Anyway, Im sorry for straying off topic. Bottom line... just more fluff for a fluffy police force that preys on easy catches and is probably approaching a 1 to 1 ratio for cops per citizen. BIG RASPBERRY TO MCSO! MAKE IT SAFER FOR KIDS AND BUST A TWEEK LAB FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Both the author of this

Both the author of this article and the deputy need to get their facts straight. In the first place, there is no limit on the amount of medical marijuana someone may possess under Prop. 215. Limits on amounts have been tested in court and routinely rejected as contrary to Prop. 215. The only limit is the amount which is suitable for their needs, as determined by their doctor. The six pound figure comes from the amount that the US Government (yes, THAT US Government - the only one) sends to its own medical marijuana patients every year. That is the Federal standard, not a state standard. The 100 plants figure comes from the DEA. The DEA will not generally go after grows that are less than 100 plants -- for the simple reason that they don't have the resources to enforce the law. As for the statement by the Deputy that the law was passed only for the terminally ill, that is completely wrong. If he will actually read Prop. 215 (it is apparent that he hasn't) then he will find that Prop. 215 lists a number of illnesses, and then says "or any other illness for which marijuuana provides relief." And that is just the way it should be. No other medicine on the market has any rules that say it cannot be used for other ailments, other than the ones listed on the label. Doctors can prescribe any medication for "off-list" uses and no one suffers any criminal penalty for doing so. Why does the good deputy think that marijuana should be the ONLY drug with that rule? Just FYI, every major government commission report on the subject in the last 100 years has said that marijuana prohibition was based on ignorance and nonsense and never did have any good sense behind it. They were talking about ANY use of marijuana, not just medical. They all said that the marijuana laws do more harm than good, no matter what you think of the dangers of marijuana. You don't have to take my word for that. You can read them all yourself at http://druglibrary.org/schaffer under Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy. For those who want to know how the marijuana laws got started, read http://druglibrary.org/schaffer/History/whiteb1.htm It is a funny and fascinating story.

not drug dealers, and

not drug dealers, and probably not getting rich off it either. this is typical mariposa county for you, so far behind the times all that law enforcement can do is attack and manipulate the truth. leave our friends and neghibors alone.. i like the statement "offensive and misleading"

I am getting real tired of

I am getting real tired of the whole "we are doing this to support people with serious illnesses get some relief." This is always said to counter the accusation that growers are making money and/or getting rich. Getting rich off of growing pot is not a given. Although let's suppose someone is getting rich off of growing medical marijuana. So what? Pharmaceutical companies make billions off of drugs that are often dangerous and toxic. This whole making money off of pot is a bad idea is born of jealousy. We do not attack the big time drug dealers, Phizer and the like. Only our neighbors...

most of the time when large

most of the time when large amounts of pot are grown in a small operation, it is sold to dispensaries legally,to aid those covered my prop. 215. over the legal limit yes, but to say they are doing it to get rich and calling them "drug dealers" is misleading and offensive to those in the trade honestly trying to help those with their medical cards.

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