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Horrific murder & suicide committed on county border

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The Judge and the legal

The Judge and the legal destruction of life by his/her decision must be scrutinized and held accountable if he, like the judge I had in Merced CA, had evidence that the mother was using drugs. I fought for custody of my daughters but no matter what proof I had showing physical abuse and drug use in the mothers home, the judge refused to listen and gave custody of my daughter to the mother. I even had a police report verifying that my daughter was physically assaulted and knocked down a flight of stairs and during that officers investigation it was found that my daughter had been sexually assaulted, but even then the Judge ruled against me. Do you know what it was like worried every night and day that it could be happening again while she's with her mother? Why does this completely lopsided and biased judicial system continue unchecked? PLEASE will the California Attorney General FINALLY listen to the people they have taken an oath to serve and protect? Until those whom we elected start listening to us, we the people will continue to become more and more angry. I am against ALL violence but reading recent headlines of angry people attacking authority shows that not all share my wisdom. WE WANT ANSWERS! No more sweeping this kind of family destruction under the carpet. Keep those who made these decisions in the papers, on TV and force them to answer. WHERE's THE NEW AG? Get him on it ASAP! Don't fan the flames of those who are angry and who seek legitimacy to their violence. Our Family court system has been broken for many years. Its time to fix it in the name of little Marijane.

you guys Know nothing...

you guys Know nothing... crystal lewis does not deserve your prays.. she didn't even have a soul... she didn't even deserve such a pure, loving, innocent, sweet, smart. caring and giving little girl... if you should feel for any one it should be for the father who indeed loved his daughter more then anyone could ever love anything and his family and his son who will never get the chance to know his sister... sweet little marijane didn't deserve this, no child does. but in the short time i knew marijane she became a huge part of my life especially now in her death we are closer then ever because i survived my mother trying to kill me and my brothers from her side by setting our apartment on fire... i just wish i could take marijanes place because she deserved life more than any one!!!! RIP MARIJANE!!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU

I have heard from someone

I have heard from someone close to this that the mother was on meth. Whatever her reason was, it was not good enough to take this childs life.

I am sorry for the little

I am sorry for the little girls family but her mom never. You take your own life there is no maker you meet. She is damned forever. God does not forgive those who take their own life. Let alone their kids. You don't want that child find someone who does. There are hundreds of people who want a child but can't have them. God be with that little girl. May her father and family find some peace in such a horrible world.

That breaks my heart.

That breaks my heart.

We cannot judge. She will

We cannot judge. She will meet her maker and he will judge her. All we can to is pray for both of their souls. A Very sad and traggic day for both Mariposa and Madera Counties. Very sad!!!!!!!

No matter the reason; she had

No matter the reason; she had a reason. As awful as it is, what was she running from? What a horrible way to take 2 lives into your own hands! I too am praying for her soul, and for that of her innocent God given child.

I can't even believe that a

I can't even believe that a mother would do that to such a defenseless innocent child. Why didn't she just kill herself? I said a prayer for them both.

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