2011-01-13 / Front Page

Budget axe could fall on local services

By Jill Ballinger

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If the budget cuts occur we

If the budget cuts occur we might only have 1 cop racing up on you for no reason on Saturday night when you enter town instead of the 2 or 3 cars parked at Best Western. 2 more at Stage Stop, and 2 more at the 4 way stop. Thats before we count the 2 or 3 CHP revenue Generating Machines we pass before we get into town! Maybe the budget cuts might cause them to pull over people that need pulled over, not honest citizens that are made to feel intimidated by the thugs in this town known as The Law!

Why is it that no one

Why is it that no one appreciates a deputy sheriff until they need something from one. Cutting 6 deputies from the department will only put the others in danger. Not in danger of losing their jobs, but their lives. Do people realize that the sheriff department is barely even working with minimum staffing as it is. Deputies are responding as single units to calls that any other department requires a minimum of two for safety reasons. to the person who just thinks it's no big deal and they can get hired back later, that's a really lame thing to say. You safety will be in jeopardy also. It won't just effect the deputies, it will highly effect the public. Slow response times or no response at all is what is guaranteed to happen depending on the priority of the call. Let's support our deputies and find a way to keep everyone safe.

The Sheriff's Office has

The Sheriff's Office has shown a long track record of maintaining a balanced budget and weathering financial cuts. It will continue to provide services the public expects and deserves. Public saftey is a duty undertaken by a choice few who are willing to sacrafice themselves for the community they protect and it goes without saying that selfless services will continue no matter the obsticles. Attacking deputies who express concerns may make you feel better about your situation but it does not address the real problem. Try making suggestions to protect our most valuable resourses, the people who provide services to our community and it's citizens. Being a county employee should not be the only cause for a target to be put on your back. How about increasing the sales tax in our county to off set the cuts proposed by the govenor. Most of the sales tax funds generated in our county are contributed by tourists. Sounds like a good business to provide local sevices with out of the area money. Any good businessman will tell you cutting payroll and services is only a short term solution to budetary issues. It is time to think outside the box and make sacrafices as a community. Our issues are not common to other counties and the solutions used by the govenor to solve the overall budget problems are going to be damaging to our way of life here in Mariposa. I for one feel it is worth fighting for the 'Posa lifestyle but I caution all who think county employees are the problem. Please take time to think through your responses and express youself in an intelligent manner. Serious issues require a serious discussion and a professional exchange of ideas.

Dear "as a member" If you

Dear "as a member" If you have been a member of the sheriff's department for anytime at all, you would no that every year the same funding is "in the air" and there is never any sure thing with grant money. It’s too bad that you feel that you need to be spoon-fed this information.... It’s in the news EVERYWHERE!!

Bad times, you have to cut,

Bad times, you have to cut, when things get better, then hire them back.

As a member of the Sheriff's

As a member of the Sheriff's department, I must say it is truly disconcerting to not know anything about this until I read it in the newspaper.

Getting fraudulent welfare

Getting fraudulent welfare recipients off the roles would resolve the budget crisis all by itself.

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