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Monster’ arrested by Mariposa deputies

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My question is how do people

My question is how do people know that he put his family through hell. They're surely going through hell right now that's a given. I can't imagine not detecting this behavior while living under the same roof. Shame on a cop who has illegal weapons! He knew better. Sin is ALWAYS found out and shouted from the roof tops. Amazing he's 80 years old and more than likely will spend his last years getting what he deserved a long long time ago. Being charitable is a good cover and perhaps a way to make himself feel better about himself.

Time to take off your rose

Time to take off your rose colored glasses, Mariposa. Look. No one likes to be the fool. We were all fooled by this creep for many years. When faced with the fact that we trusted someone who is not worthy of our trust, that makes you and me the fool. So look in the mirror, call yourself the ignorant fool that you are, and start looking at everyone you meet through different filters. The officers know what they found in that guys possession. They know what they were sickened by in their findings. Of course it has been a slap to their profession! This was one of their own. Who are you to say what term best describes him? Who are you to judge his wife and children for standing by him all these years? Get up off your butt, go look into your own mirror, call yourself what you are, be a lot more cautious about who you trust, protect the children in YOUR life against creeps like this, and start showing some respect for the officers who protect us and for the family who needs nothing but our support!

I am wondering about what

I am wondering about what kind of woman it is that has stayed with him all these years. Why did she do that? what is broken in her that she would not only live with him but not turn him in years ago for his crime. What was he holding over her head? why was she so weak? what kind of mother lets her girls live that kind of childhood and still as adults never get closure all the while she is still with that sick monstor... In my opinion she has allmost as much of the guilt to bare as he does. yes he took it alot further byt she stood by and did nothing.....

The guy is a filthy creep!

The guy is a filthy creep! If you all only knew.. MONSTER is an understatement. So all you offended by that name, please understand that was a nice way to put it.

I think that monstors come in

I think that monstors come in many different shapes and forms. Some can have what seems to be a noble or giving nature.Bad people can do good things. But the good things they did does not make them a good person.We will be judged for all are doings and the good ones will not override the bad.He is a monstor,has caused alot of pain in his family for years and is a sick man. I know for a fact the family has alot of healing to do and know I hope they can start to do that.He was a cop, so what.IT really does not matter what profession he was. Sick people are in every field.HE is where he should be and should have been years ago.

all i can say is i am so

all i can say is i am so saddened for laurie and his children. i know dick very well (well i thought i knew dick very well-sometimes those are not what they seem)and am deeply sicked by all of the allegations. i hope only the best comes out of all this.

My 2-cents worth: It seems

My 2-cents worth: It seems law enforcement is taking a hit via this story. If these allegations are true, any man who loves and is protective of his family is going to have a serious negative reaction to finding sickening pictures of children in anyone's possession, and he can be expected to utter his disgust. The newspaper probably shouldn't have printed that. Furthermore, the accused having retired from law enforcement doesn't have any bearing on the situation at all. There are good and bad guys in every profession.

Of course he seemed like a

Of course he seemed like a great guy. If his true self or private side was public, we would have realized many years ago that he is a monster. To the person that says that he donated thousands of hours to charitable causes, please understand that that does not make him a saint. Perhaps he had increased exposure to children through his charitable ways. Still so wonderful? And what about his family - even if they were never directly his victims, imagine what this has done to them. And if he did directly inflict these gross atrocities on those he is supposed to protect then let the SOB finally get what is coming to him. Sickening! And a Cop!! Who knows whom he had access to simply by wearing a badge.

I don't know the truth of

I don't know the truth of this story. But I am bothered by the sheriff calling the suspect a "monster" in public comments. The man hasn't been convicted yet. It seems to me to be very unprofessional to be making such judgemental comments at this stage. I apologize for posting this anonymously, but I don't want to get on the bad side of the sheriff's dept.

Rush to Judgement? I have

Rush to Judgement? I have known Richard and his wife for years and have never had any cause to question his character or actions. I am absolutely stunned by his arrest and the accusations made by the Sheriff. However, I am disturbed by the Sheriff using the term "Monster" to describe a suspect in custody. The Sheriff may have access to the facts and evidence in the case but it is not his position nor is it professional to characterize and prejudge the suspect in such a manner. If any of you have listened to the press conferences following the horrifying massacre in Arizona with six dead including a Judge and young girl and twelve wounded you will not hear the suspect called a "Monster" or otherwise vilified by the Sheriff or Federal authorities. I am, of course, anxious to hear more about this case - but under law Richard is innocent until proven guilty. Something the Sheriff should bear in mind.

When the "evidence" is in his

When the "evidence" is in his home and his camera and computer quite simply he's guilty. Caught red handed yet he has the opportunity to defend himself! Very sad that this could drag out and a mess up in court...just like O.J. he might end up a free man.

Spoken like a true Mariposa

Spoken like a true Mariposa fool.

Are you kidding me? You are

Are you kidding me? You are stunned by a Law enforcement officer that sees everything out there when he calls a guy a monster... He had cases of child porn,illegal firearms what do you prefer to call him.I think you should be more shocked that a man in your neighborhood was into child porn and had illegal firearms.That should really up set you,not what the Sheriff called him.This man has been under the radar for years and finally is where he belongs.I am sad for this town that has been effected by the likes of this man.So from now on lets call a spade a spade. The trial is just a formality we all know he is where he belongs...

Just because you may not be

Just because you may not be aware of some horriying facts about an individual only serves to prove your own ignorance. Many "monsters" live amongst us and hide behind civic and community "good deeds." This poor family has lived in hell for many years, forgiving, forgetting, and giving him far too many chances to turn his private life around. He deserves everything he gets. His reign of terror is over and his victims are finally free. They don't need your judgment, minimizing statements or ignorant defenses of the guilty.

I agree with what you said.

I agree with what you said. Just becuase a person has done some good deeds does not make him a good person. People need to understand that the family has been in terror from his man for years and now they can begin to heal.He has caused years of pain and suffering and gotten away with way too much. Now the law has stepped in and there is not going back. He is sick,warped,and evil.THere can be no more denial in that family and they all have to support each other and heal. I pray and hope they can do this and get the help they need.Life is short and its time to put him where he belongs and let the others find some peace.

I have known this man for

I have known this man for years. He gave thousands of hours and huge sums of money to charities. I was involved with a youth fraternity, he helped our advisory board. There was never anything in his behavior that would have led me to believe that he could do any of this. I have put in a call to his wife to get more information and offer my support for her. So many questions, How did the police find out? Was he producing the pornography or only viewing it? What weapons are they calling "assault weapons" I can understand having a lot of money and plenty of ammo, that's not illegal at all. The Dick Demasi I knew was anything but a monster.

Hmmmm retired sheriff and a

Hmmmm retired sheriff and a mason this all makes sense now.

We have known this man for

We have known this man for years. This is weird!!

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