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Cox pleads guilty, court bans wood sales

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Jerry Cox is not a scam

Jerry Cox is not a scam artist. he worked, and still does work hard to achieve is goals in life. How do I know? He is my Uncle. This whole thing is stupid. taking him to court?? really??! there is not anything better to do in Mariposa??? I mean if he did not give the full cord I know if they would of called him, he would of made things right with no problem. He is a honest, caring person. Its his property!! its stupid how he cant sell wood from his won property. FYI if you dislike my uncle then why even bother looking at his web page??! Your the joke...

Jerry Cox is a scam artist.

Jerry Cox is a scam artist. Dont trust him. Just read his bogus information on his website bisoncreekranch.com... its a joke... he is a joke.

Once again everyone in

Once again everyone in Mariposa needs to learn Thumper's lesson from Bambi.."If you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all." Jerry is the most & just about the ONLY upstanding, honest, pure hearted person I had the priveledge of sharing the fresh mountain air up there with. A simple conversation of what you felt was fair or unfair was all that was in order..& i would bet my soul that Jerry would've KINDLY made it right.

I agree, he'd make it right.

I agree, he'd make it right. We enjoy is fresh mountain air with him as well, from time to time, and we will continue to do so. For those who can't rough it a little bit, stay in your BMWs or Mercedes and go back to your big city life in the smog.

highly doubtful!

highly doubtful!

The reason he is busted is

The reason he is busted is that he tried two different methods of deceit on unsuspecting folks. First, he would try to sell you totally rotten wood. If that didn't work, he would sell you decent wood but would short the heck out of what was supposed to be a cord. So it is all about plain old dishonesty.

If he ripped people off, he

If he ripped people off, he had something coming. But more importantly...WHY should it be ILLEGAL to harvest firewood off of your own property?? Its YOUR property. I've bought firewood from various people in this county for 20+yrs and NEVER expected, asked or was offered a receipt. Sounds to me like ole Jerry pissed off the wrong person who obviously has strong connections in our quaint small town government system.

When it came to wood, this

When it came to wood, this guy ripped off a lot of people over a span of about six or seven years. Thank you to everyone involved in trying to stop this abuse.

i always thought you yokels

i always thought you yokels in mariposa had way too much time on your hands. You busted a guy for shorting a customer on an order of a cord of wood. Did he absolutely refuse to make it right with the guy?...if it even happened that way.Happens to me all the time in my business and the DA never nade any arrests. We have small claims court for that or a simple phone call to the owner. We have become a nation of office holders, complainers, snitchs and sniveling weasels. This guy Cox is a true cowboy...old school. The rest of yall are a bunch of fairies.In keeping with your mariposa traditions of hiding and ratting...i too will sign off as "anonymous" You know the saying...When in Rome....

Wow! The Ag Commissioner and

Wow! The Ag Commissioner and the DA's Office caught a real wood bandit. Maybe they should stake out the high school parking lot and catch some of those rebellious teenagers who sell wood for gas money.

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