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PBMWC Shareholders; Don't Go

PBMWC Shareholders; Don't Go Public & Don't Go Near The Water Last week the Gazette reported on the Ponderosa Basin Mutual Water Company and questions being asked and actions being taken by the shareholders regarding the accuracy and transparency of some of the Company's accounting methods, numbers and calculations. Overall as a shareholder living in the Basin, I feel fairly well served by the PBMWC. Also as a shareholder however, having over 40 years experience in business as CEO, COO, Quality Assurance Manager - Data Analyst and Systems Auditor, my concern was raised after reviewing a accounting ledger-spreadsheet spanning several years of PBMWC operations, that was provided to me by another shareholder who was one of several who had requested the information at a PBMWC Board of Directors meeting. For me, as well as for others, the year-to-year data appeared to be irregular and inconsistent, with several significant and substantial increases in operational costs reported over the recent years. In my experience, there are many understandable and justifiable reasons for this.... but further questioning and financial analysis is almost always necessary to clarify, justify and if necessary to correct the information. To not question or ask, would be doing a disservice to both the PBMWC and its shareholders. PBMWC has been working to address the questions and concerns of their shareholders, both those asking the questions and those who are not. In a recent letter to its shareholders dated June 23, 2014, issued in-part to rebut the Gazette's article on June 19, 2014, PBMWC did provide some good and responsive information; however, the information was somewhat overshadowed by its tone, including several unnecessary and argumentative statements made in the narrative; i.e., I almost didn't read the letter because of its inflammatory beginning: "We have all learned a lesson from history: that witch hunts are always conducted by public trial without giving the accursed an opportunity to respond. When a small percent of shareholders represented by a San Francisco-based shareholder attorney went public with an article in the Mariposa Gazette, such a Salem witch hunt trial was re-enacted." "That's a bunch of bunk!"

I am trying to relocate back

I am trying to relocate back to Mariposa. But it is hard to find a job and a place to live at the same time. I am looking for a home that the owner may let me stay in free of rent just until i find a job. I am willing to do work around the property in exchange for living there.I have several years of Office and Dispatching experience. I have a good rental reference. Thank You !

Thank you to the people of

Thank you to the people of Mariposa. On a recent visit to Bass Lake our car broke down just outside of Mariposa on Hwy 140. While waiting for a tow truck, first a Caltrans worker stopped to see if we needed help and gave us water for our overheated vehicle. Next a CHP officer stopped not once, but twice to check on us. In the half hour we waited for the tow truck, at least five cars stopped to see if we need help and offered rides to town. In closing, I just wanted to say Thank You to those nice people of Mariposa who stopped to help a stranger in need.

how do i locate a obit. for

how do i locate a obit. for a march,2006 death. c.miller

Dr. Mosher in his commentary

Dr. Mosher in his commentary on air pollution is incorrect in claiming that CO2 is air pollution. It is a odorless, invisible gas that is non-toxic even in quantities many times the current concentrations. It does not contribute to smog in any way, shape or form and is essential to life on this planet. If CO2 concentrations were to drop significantly. plant and tree growth would slow or even stop. Greenhouse growers actually add CO2 their systems to increase plant growth! I am sure the good Dr. could tell you what happens to the human body without CO2 in our blood stream far better than I can. The statement that CO2 is pollution is not founded in science and is a political statement by those promoting the Global Warming agenda.

mariposa is a great place to

mariposa is a great place to live, until you get all caught up in the "mariposa law". mariposa picks and chooses. it is so awful, that more that 1/2 of the people on welfare here, are FRAUDULANT!!! and what gets done? NOTHING. it is so disgusting that the county can look into the fraud, and still say it's legal. what? wow. fraudulant, and dirty on drugs. i think i shall go apply for everything, and if i get caught for fraud, ya, i will bring everyone down with me. it makes me so sick!

Dear Letters to the

Dear Letters to the Editor; Regarding your article about the rift between Yosemite National Park and the non-profit American Indian Council of Mariposa. Most people are unaware that the Park Service pays the American Indian Council of Mariposa, also referred to as the Southern Sierra Miwuk. I suggest instead of Yosemite National Park creating another roundhouse for the ungrateful Southern Sierra Miwuks they should have focused the Park’s energy in building an Indian center for the real original native inhabitants of Yosemite Valley, the Paiute people. Under government policy if the government constructs any structure it has to pass safety standards. This is something that the Southern Sierra Miwuks want to avoid, yet this mock roundhouse is being built below a known rock slide area. Now that the Miwoks are going for federal recognition with the assistance of the Park Service they have shown their true character. The National Park Service should have never assisted this non-profit in their federal recognition process based on their faulty findings that they are the original natives of Yosemite because the proof is that Tenaya was a Paiute and the founder of the Paiute colony of Ahwahnee. David Andrews Yosemite-Mono Lake Paiute Indian Po Box 163523 Sacramento, CA 95816 916-930-0761

You are doing a great job

You are doing a great job keep it up :D funny quotes

Hello, I am currently trying

Hello, I am currently trying to find a relative of mine, who I haven't seen in about 6 years. She is my sister and I know her place of residence, at that time, was Mariposa County. If anyone could possibly help with any information, I would greatly appreciate it! Her name is Kathy Thompson or Kate Thompson, but the last time we spoke she mentioned she might be getting married. She had resided in Mariposa County for many years, so maybe someone might recognize her maiden name (Thompson)if she has gotten married. She has 2 son's Austin and Griffin, and I would very much like to contact her and my nephew's again.

Kate Thompson's phone number

Kate Thompson's phone number is (209) 966-8285. We think that's who you are looking for.

Would you put a log in your

Would you put a log in your woodstove if you knew there was a frog or lizard in a crack or crevice or under the bark? What about things like spiders, giant millipedes, beetles, crickets, or centipedes? Would you burn them in their homes knowing that many of their kinds, who once flourished here, are becoming rare? People do! First they clear the land with dozers, chainsaws, and/or other tools and make giant burnpiles. Usually these piles sit out for months and even years before someone comes and lights a match to them. Meanwhile, after the land was cleared, these burnpiles were the best habitat around for frogs, salamanders, bluebellies, and myriad other animals who use them for shelter. Most dig or burrow under the "burnpile" as it becomes it's own ecosystem often housing dozens, hundreds, even thousands of little animals. We may need these burnpile animals more than we realize. They feed each other. They feed the skunks, foxes, bears, bobcats, coyotls, turkeys, quail, raccoons, and more. Without snakes the hawk will eventually starve or be forced to eat rodents when it needs to eat reptiles. Without thousands of frogs the screech owl gets hungry and so does the great blue heron who's been known to eat dozens of treefrogs at a setting. Many other animals eat the tidbits found in these burnpiles. The food source and seeds to future generations of wildlife are there yet most of us, in our denial, just mindlessly set them on fire. How blind and insensitive can we get, eh? More humane ways to deal with this would be 1) burn as soon as we clear. or 2) to have a few smaller, moveable burnpiles spaced a few yards apart, preferably in a circle, or even a half circle or windrow. When burning the first fire, start it in the middle of the circle. Get a hot fire going and then feed it with the debris from the nearby piles. Great exercise. Nice warming activity for a cold wintry day. Sorta like playing pick up sticks. Doesn't take much longer than the people who just watch the whole thing burn. . thanx, jh

The popular website Face book

The popular website Face book is doing a thing called, You know your from (insert home town.) And it shows a bunch of people commenting, You know your from Mariposa, and so on. One of them that I read, stood out to me. It said, You know your from Mariposa, when you remember grandpa Doug. And I thought, oh my gosh yes that is so true. I remember grandpa Doug going to all the schools, volunteering, and going to all the games. This past April, marked six years that he vanished. I want to know with all the searching everyone did, Did they find any clues or what. I feel like they did a search of where he was last seen and left us community in the cold. I just pray that if he drove off to go see his family, they could of at least told us community because we really miss grandpa Doug and he was an amazing person. Please let me know if their is any news?!

We here at Club Matisse would

We here at Club Matisse would like to congratulate Cate Cannon and The Mariposa Play House on their success with Shakespeare’s A Midnight Summer’s Dream. May you have many prosperous years ahead of you. Ricardo Gonzalez Christine Saulman

I have been away from my

I have been away from my daughter Sierra East for 4 years now,and I need for her to know that I am looking for her.Paul please let me see my baby,I just want her to know that I love her and I want to be back in her life.I'm her mother and she has the right to know that.Please find it in your heart to let her know that I miss her and love her.She is living in Mariposa.I'm her mother and I am living here in Fresno and I'm doing really good.Somebody please contact me!!!!

3-23-2011 Yosemite Park is

3-23-2011 Yosemite Park is closed due to severe weather and no electricity, mother-in-law has been out of electricity for several days. Call after call to PG&E ends in despair. In search for individual in charge, the forester ,a guy named Richard, is no where to be found. After my 7 th call to his office to find out how much longer the electricity will be out and I have been told he is in San Franscisco drinking hot totties by a warm fire with the big wigs. Who is to hold these people responsible? Our national parks are closed and losing money because he is in San Franciso. No Badger Pass revenue, no hotels, meals.... nothing in this deficit money coming in. Again, while he is visiting in San Fran. Shouldn't he be here, working to get this mess together. AND WHEN WILL OUR ELECTRIC BE RESTORED AND WHY CAN'T HE GET IT FASTER. Sick of all the politics

I am looking for obituary

I am looking for obituary notices for Mariposa, Calif. Can you help me? Thank you in advance for your help.

What happened to little

What happened to little Marijane Gutierrez, at the hands of her troubled mother, was tragic in every sense of the word. I believe God has a reason for everything in life and out of tragedy good things can happen. We all must learn to appreciate our time with loved-ones, as we have certainly seen anybody's life can change in an instant. Let's show love for friends and family and each other at a time like this and let's honor Marijane's memory by doing such a thing now. I came across this beloved poem I found years ago and I would like to share it in honor of Marijane's precious life. Hopefully it will all make us think long and hard about how we sometimes treat each other. Living Bouquets When I quit this mortal shore, and mosey round the earth no more, don't weep, don't sigh, don't sob; I may have found a better job. Don't go and buy a large bouquet, for which you'll find it hard to pay, don't mope around and feel all blue, I may be better off than you. Don't tell the folks I was a saint or any old thing that I ain't. If you have jam like that to spread, please hand that out before I'm dead. If you have roses, bless my soul, just pin one in my button hole while I'm alive and well today.......Don't wait until I've gone away. My prayers go out wholeheartedly to the Gutierrez Family at this time, especially to Taj, Marijane's daddy. I wish I could carry the pain for you Taj. Just know that many prayers go out to you and your family in this tragic time. We love you. Take comfort that Marijane is in the lap of Jesus and will be dancing with the angels.

Don't know if this will do

Don't know if this will do any good, as I see the last coment posted was in Oct, 2010. Just wanted to let you know I do not like the new masthead on the paper or the new paper. Don't mind the bear, but the Miner (which mining was what started this county) should still be on it, and "above the fog, below the snow" which appeared as long as I can remember (and was taken off several years ago) should still be on there. The paper comes in 4 sections would be better all in one group. Cheaper paper that doesn't even stand up when you read it. My dad used to call papers like this fish wrap. Doubt that you could even use it for that purpose. The Campbell family had a good paper for many years that was local & traditional. why do we need Valley news, and a pic of Jerry Brown on the front page. Why go and change a good thing for modern, and to try to keep up with the valley papers. Sometimes trying to modernize is not a good thing. Not one person I have talked to likes it either. You brag about this paper being one of the oldest papers, so lets keep it old and traditionl.

Oakhurst business doesn't

Oakhurst business doesn't make good on promise Dear Editor, Having to write this letter to you both saddens and angers me, however, in the best interest of the public I feel that people should be informed of an injustice. I am a member of a small grass roots non profit organization, that raises money each year to find cures for kids with Muscular Dystrophy and sending kids to camp. Being a small non profit our philosophy is that out of the money we raise for the year the majority goes to sending kids to camp and for finding cures. On February 20, 2010 my husband and I stayed at one of the local lodges in Oakhurst (the Oakhurst Lodge). I had taken the foundations lap top with me to utilize the lodges free wi-fi to download karaoke files for a reoccurring fund raising project. When I left my room, it was secured and I had my room keys with me. When me and my husband returned, our keys would not open the door, so I went to the front office and two more keys were made for me. Upon entering the room we realized that the laptop and external hard drive was taken out of our secured locked room, and there was no forced entry. Yes a police report was filed. The next morning the owner of the lodge came and met with me and my husband as well as other friends that were there. It was at this time the owner stated to all of us that the lodge was going to reimburse our foundation directly for the loss. I left the establishment feeling like everything was going to be alright, and the equipment would be replaced. How did I know this would never happened. The Oakhurst community is a small town that relies on tourism and many people utilize the hotels and lodges in the area. I made repeated calls to the lodge inquiring the progress of resolving this issue and getting the equipment replaced to have this lodge fail to return phone calls, or emails to giving me wrong contact numbers. I wonder how many other times this has happened at this lodge and how many times it has been reported to the public of theft in hotel rooms by lodgers and how long it took to resolve the issue? People can now go to a website or ask a car dealership for a report on a used car that they are considering to purchase, yet, where can the public go to see the track record of a hotel or lodge in regards to theft? Yes I have taken the appropriate measures to resolve this issue that I believed at the time of the incident it would be resolved quickly, and now, I am having to file a claim in small claims court, I have filed a complaint with the BBB as well as California hotel and lodges association, and numerous letters to local newspapers. For the small grass roots non profit organization that I am a member of we will have to let the courts figure it out and deem the necessary parties to their level of responsibility. For others who are planning or thinking of staying at this lodge, I can only say "good luck, and may this never happen to you". As for me, if it was my personal objects I would have to allow Karma to take over, but when this equipment is for cures that children need to live, let freedom of speech prevail and take heed before you choose a lodge that does not make good on their promise. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Gina Alcott

Curious as to why there has

Curious as to why there has been no information for parents in the community regarding the recent arrest of Jennifer Hull for relations with a minor..etc. I think parents in this community need to be made aware of predators like this in order to protect their children.

Hello I live down in the

Hello I live down in the Valley, just 34 miles or less away from Mariposa , Every chance I get I have a me day in your town , I love that I have access to your Gazette newspaper online , I attend many events printed in the local newspaper, Sale, & health meetings , I am thinking of moving to your town, I love that fact there are many events that take place in Mariposa love the museums you have on Jesse ST & at the fair grounds , The only thing thta would make your town any better would to have the Merced River run through it ( smile ) But i is close , I am always amazed at how everyone is so friendy in Mariposa Country , I can't help but love to read in the Gazette the weekly Sheriff reports some too funny , but I know true , Your town has plenty of clean restrooms, for vistors , That is such a welcome alone knowing there are clean restrooms always , I like all your clubs in town , the SPCA just one great one , I am like where do all get the time & engery to make your town such a great place , but then again it take a village to keep a town interesting , safe, fun, clean, healthy , to make vistor welcome to keep coming for day visits or to just stay for a night or weekend , I have a bunch of friends all enjoying MARIPOSA COUNTY now , Thwy all tell me I love it so much why don't I move there , We I just might soon , I think I am your towns only flat lander who brags about MARIPOSA and all that it haves to offer , I could write much more about the neat history of the town & hideway places but , I think I better close for now this is getting kind of long Always a friend of your town , maybe I can call it my town soon, Betsy

I love that you love our

I love that you love our town,and you are welcome to join us who live here,but please don't move here and try and change it.We hear this over and over and when people move here they start complaining that we don't have anything to do.They put up big beam-er lights because they are afraid of the unknown. It amazes me on how many people move here and go to town meetings to give their idea's on how to make it better. Build a mall, or a movie theater.........You see where this going... So Yes, you are welcome to move to this wonderful town but don't complain about having to drive 60 miles to a mall or that we don't have any entertainment.

hate to complain but we get

hate to complain but we get tired of seeing so many city people coming here and leaving outside lights on all night and into the day. for one thing it lightens up the sky and makes stargazing less colorful. for another it attracts and distracts other animals. for another it heats things up and excalates our demand on energy. and last but not least it's invasive and unnecessicary, especially when no one's using it. our dad taught us to always turn things off when we were not using them. i now appreciate that more that ever. thanks

My wife and I vacationed in

My wife and I vacationed in California in 2005. We drove into Mariposa during the weekend of July 4. We went into a (gift?) shop and were treated to some ice cream while there. The ice cream was homemade by the shopkeeper's husband. We bought a recipe book from the store but have sinced misplaced it. I would like to purchase another one if possible. I don't remember the name of the store but it was located downstairs in a brick building on route 140. Can you help me with the store name and how I can purchase another ice cream recipe book? Thanks. Tony

Hello, I lived in Mariposa

Hello, I lived in Mariposa for 10 years and moved to North Dakota. I have lived in North Dakota for the past 16 years. I want to relocate back to Mariposa and am looking for a job. I have a bachelor's degree in business administration with a minor in human resource management. I have been a newspaper reporter for over 5 years and have been the assistant to our county emergency manager for almost three years. Does anyone know of any jobs available in Mariposa or the surrounding area? Thank you, Leasa A. Lura

August 6, 2010 Each Member

August 6, 2010 Each Member Mariposa County Board of Supervisors RE: THE NEED TO COMPLETE THE COUNTY GENERAL PLAN BEFORE CONSIDERING A CATHEYS VALLEY COMMUNITY PLAN Honorable Supervisors: A serious gap exists in the Mariposa General Plan update process. The Conservation and Open Space Elements, both mandatory elements, are incomplete and no Plan Implementation actions can take place, either adoption of a Community Plan, an Area Plan, or zoning legislation, unless the mandatory elements are all completed. The County General Plan and its companion Environmental Impact Report expressly states that Mariposa County contains certain special status plant and animal species, that the areas containing these species are protected by Federal, State and local laws, but the County has deliberately postponed until an unspecified future time preparing mandatory “development guidelines, conservation plans and programs, and environmental protection measures” (General Plan Chapter 11). The General Plan calls for preparation of a “comprehensive map of environmental resources in Mariposa County”, but doing this mandatory task is also put off indefinitely which has made it the responsibility of land owners who, one-by-one, over an unknown amount of time, will perform site surveys in conjunction with EIR’s on private projects they want to develop on their ownerships. The General Plan further assumes that land owners will cooperate in preparation of a comprehensive map by disclosing the extent of resources on their land and how they intend to deal with them. The General Plan goes on to say that “area plans should embody greenbelts and open space lands to preclude rural sprawl”. For 35 years I have watched other California Counties prepare their mandatory Conservation and Open Space Elements (usually two separate plans) and then prepare Natural Community Conservation Plans, Multiple Species Conservation Plans, Habitat Conservation Plans, etc. all done so land owners can know where already-protected species are likely to exist and what they have to do to avoid or mitigate impacts to them. I’ve written several times to Mariposa decision makers about all of this and I have yet to see the mandatory identification maps and the policy and procedural framework that have to be implemented. The State Department of Fish and Game and the US Army Corps of Engineers also wrote to Mariposa County urging the same thing, and so did the local ecological consulting firm Live Oak Associates along with several law firms plus the State Department of Housing and Community Development; but none of this has been done and it is impossible for a land owner to know whose land and how much land must be set aside and preserved (or restored to a natural condition) in order to meet the requirements of law. This is one of the most basic responsibilities of a California County. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that a general plan or community plan EIR identify development policies and measures to implement those policies so that the public may know on a parcel by parcel basis where those policies shall apply. A Community Plan must either contain or incorporate by reference all of the mandatory elements of a general plan. The County General Plan is not done. It is sorely deficient in meeting important legal obligations and it only states (always in future tense) that the County “will” do its duty or “shall require” others to do it. Instead of wasting time and tax payer money trying to divide the County into multiple, “mini-General Plan areas”, Mariposa must devote the necessary resources and effort to completing the County General Plan that is already part way along. I offer the following statutory references to underscore the need for this work: the California Environmental Quality Act will not allow the County to take plan implementation zoning actions (CEQA Sect. 21083.3) that rely on a General Plan EIR until the General Plan or Community Plan “contains each of the mandatory elements specified in (CA Govt Code) Sect. 65032” and it “contains specific development policies adopted for the area included in the community plan, and identifies measures to implement those policies, so that the policies which will apply to each parcel can be determined.” (emphasis added). Again, these time sensitive requirements are not yet included, according to statements in the County General Plan. Since habitat areas always extend over property lines, community plan boundaries, etc. and further because Federal and State law requires such areas to be studied and protected in a comprehensive way, it makes no sense to continue the Catheys Valley Community Plan effort until a County-wide framework for habitat protection has been prepared and adopted. The CVCP proposal to eliminate clustering and to require minimum five-acre parcels is widely recognized as the worst possible pattern for suburban sprawl. It has the greatest environmental impacts that result from extra long driveways and too many drainage crossings to reach widely spread homesites. It has the greatest per dwelling cost for extending electric, phone, cable TV and internet lines. It results in the most vegetation removal for clearing fire protection zones. It requires the most vehicle miles driven for everyday shopping, school buses, emergency vehicle access, deliveries and all other transportation needs (up to 14 vehicle trips per house per day). Because of the need to set back homesites from floodprone areas, protected habitats, ridgelines, etc. there is no assurance that a land owner has any potential to create 5-acre parcels at all. It may in fact be a fictional feature of the proposed CVCP. On the other hand, the County General Plan specifically encourages “flexible site development and clustering to conserve designated scenic routes, views, and viewsheds” and, I should add, to avoid unmitigable environmental impacts. The CVCP Supplemental EIR skirted the obvious need to compare impacts and costs of 5-acre lot size development with clustering the same density as encouraged by the General Plan. This applies even to “global warming”. What went wrong with the proposed Catheys Community Plan that would eliminate clustering and seriously hamper a land owner’s ability to subdivide his land. Fixing the General Plan’s deficiencies would be a lot easier, faster and cheaper than trying to subdivide the County into autonomous bailiwicks. A State of California planning agency offers good Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, many layers of data that can be viewed on the internet and obtained without cost. It practically does the whole job.

In the book Deeper Than Gold,

In the book Deeper Than Gold, by California Indian ethnologist Brian Bibby, the Miwoks admit their chief at the time of Yosemite’s discovery was Chief Bautista. Bautista was a military ally and afraid to enter Yosemite Valley. Chief Tenaya is documented to be the founder of the Paiute colony of Ahwahnee and spoke Paiute, so why is the Park wasting taxpayer’s money constructing another Miwok roundhouse and giving it to the non-profit Southern Sierra Miwuks? Where’s the Mono Paiute village? This is a desecration to the memory of the original Indians of Yosemite. NCERT books

The recent comments by Mr.

The recent comments by Mr. Evans should be offensive to just about everyone. His bigoted and hateful rant published by the Gazette set a new low. I can assure Mr. Evans that almost all "teabaggers" are in fact democrats whereas "Tea Party" members while mostly conservative come from all groups in America and are composed of people who value their liberty and are alarmed by the destruction of our country by a president whose loyalties are manifestly not to the USA. The Gazette should be very careful when publishing outrageous lies and libel by someone like Mr. Evans.

I just recently started

I just recently started trying to locate a DOROTHY FAYE GARNER for my grandfather Hank Swope. Dorothy was his sister and hasn't been in contact with her for 15 years or so. I know how he wanted to find her so I started searching, only to find that she passed away in March. If anyone has any info on her I would appriciate if you would please contact me at we would like to know if she had any family and what had happened. Thanks, Tina

Why another Miwok Roundhouse

Why another Miwok Roundhouse in Yosemite? On a recent Yosemite trip I discovered the Park Service is constructing another Miwok ceremonial roundhouse in the Park. The site of this new Miwok roundhouse is right on top of a Paiute campsite of Wahoga. The headman of Wahoga was a Paiute man named Lancisco Wilson. This is the second Miwok roundhouse Yosemite National Park has constructed in the Park. The first roundhouse, built in the1970s, is behind the Yosemite Research Center and Indian Museum. Now the Park is creating another Miwok roundhouse in Yosemite Valley, a place not indigenous to the Southern Sierra Miwuk. In the book Deeper Than Gold, by California Indian ethnologist Brian Bibby, the Miwoks admit their chief at the time of Yosemite’s discovery was Chief Bautista. Bautista was a military ally and afraid to enter Yosemite Valley. Chief Tenaya is documented to be the founder of the Paiute colony of Ahwahnee and spoke Paiute, so why is the Park wasting taxpayer’s money constructing another Miwok roundhouse and giving it to the non-profit Southern Sierra Miwuks? Where’s the Mono Paiute village? This is a desecration to the memory of the original Indians of Yosemite, and why is our government wasting good money on a falsehood.

There is an error in your

There is an error in your story on the Hall of Fame inductees. Michael Moore did not score over two thousand points in baseball. Basketball was his sport.

My child has also complained

My child has also complained about being cold, and has also complained about being hit by classmates, and being told that nothing could be done because they did not witness the incident. health questions answered

I am glad to hear about the

I am glad to hear about the reader who rescued the puppy from the idiot. There are so many people out there that have no respect for animals. Licenses should be required to own one. San Diego movers

Thank You Mariposa, CA.... I

Thank You Mariposa, CA.... I did find John L. Anderson by other means... Sadly, John passed away in 1998 in El Cajon, Ca. I spoke with his widow, Marylena, today and belatedly expressed my condolences to Mrs. John L. Anderson and her Family. As well, I express my condolences to any of John L. Anderson's Family that may still reside in Mariposa. I might add, John L. Anderson was a Great Friend to me when I was station with him at Fighter Town, USA - Mirimar Naval Air Station, Squadron VF121. Again, Thanks! Best Regards to All, Paul K. Beauchamp

Last week, after I left my

Last week, after I left my favorite restaurant, I discovered a cardboard box with a sign, "Free dogs", in front of the door. There were two puppies in the box, no water, no owner. A man quickly picked up one of the puppies and walked off. I picked up the remaining puppy who was lethargic and whose stomach was distended. The puppy promptly eliminated as it had violent diarrhea. Caused by my calls for water and my questions about the owner, he showed up. I tried to convince him that it was unwise to leave a box with puppies for anyone to pick up. I also talked to him about the necessity to make sure that the puppies go to homes where they are well cared for. I asked him if he had contacted the SPCA or the good people of our Animal Control Office. He had not. I pointed out to him that the puppy is sickly, had diarrhea, and needed to see a vet. He responded that the puppy ate Chinese food and thus had diarrhea. When I told him that puppies need puppy food, he responded that his 8 dogs get Chinese food and cheese, then have diarrhea, "no problem." As we were both getting louder and as I realized that there was no convincing this man of providing adequate care for his dogs, I grabbed the puppy and left. The puppy was immediately taken to the vet who diagnosed that she suffered from roundworms. She was given shots and then received a special diet for the next few days. Within hours her lethargy decreased and she started to perk up. She was adopted by a lovely family who loves her. Thank you, Sarah and Miles. My point: Please, do not give away puppies in front of stores or restaurants. Puppies and kittens are cute and people might impulsively pick up an animal without considering the expense, time, long-term commitment it takes to care for such an animal. For those who read my letter to the editor about the puppy I picked up on Halloween on Highway 49: After I got him neutered, immunized, trained, he became the Christmas gift for a 10 year old boy. He is much loved by the whole family. Thank you, Myia and Rico.

You are welcome and thank you

You are welcome and thank you for providing us with a new family member! I am pleased to report that the "puppy" has grown into a fabulous dog and we could not be happier!!!

I am looking for a relative

I am looking for a relative of John L Anderson that can tell me where I can reach, get in contact with John L. Anderson. John L. Anderson was from Mariposa and I was stationed with John in Squadron VF-121 at NAS Mirimar in San Diego from June 1967 to late December 1969. The last place John lived, that I know of, was El Cajon or Chula Vista, CA. At one time he worked for Sears some where in the San Diego, El Cajon, or Chula Vista area. I think he married a woman from Guatemala and lived in EL Cajon, Ca. I wonder if The Mariposa Gazette could post or place a "Looking For" in the News Paper. I,in the past, would call John's Mother to get John's phone number.... but that was long ago. So, if there is any one in Mariposa or that subscribes to the Maraposa Gazette can help me please contact me. Best Regards, Paul Beauchamp e-mail:

These last few days have been

These last few days have been warmer, but how many of us have sick children? I recently received a complaint from my younger children that there class rooms are cold. Only to be followed by a not home by a kindergarten teacher that their class room is between 33-48 degrees until after lunch when the heater finally gets to kick on and heats the room to 68 degrees. This was during our last bit of snow. I contacted the principal and the district office only to be told that they would look it to it and that they were unaware. That was last week. This week the kids are still complaining that the rooms are cold, and my oldest stated that they had an assembly to let the kids know how broke the school is and that that is why the heaters are on timers and are kept turned down. Now my kindergartner is in a class of about 20, and I was told that I was the only parent who complained about the note, Why is that? And why is the school getting away with this. I have personally walked into the office at 8am and felt the need to take off my coat because its so warm, but the kids are freezing? If the children went to school and complained that they were cold at home because their family didn't turn on the heat, you can bet that there would be an investigation through CPS as to why and being broke would not be a good enough excuse to keep the children in that home. As a result of the cold classrooms my children all have colds, and yet I am supposed to keep sending my children so that the school can get paid and we don't end up in truancy court. Something needs to be done to address this situation, and one parent unfortunately is not enough.

I am also unhappy with some

I am also unhappy with some of the things I've been hearing from other parents. My child has also complained about being cold, and has also complained about being hit by classmates, and being told that nothing could be done because they did not witness the incident. Many of us parents have to work and cannot afford to take time off to go spy on what's going on. We have to put our children into other peoples hands. It seems that if the schools are having money issues, then maybe the county its self should consider rerouting . For instance, I would like to know why the Superintendent is making upwards to 5000 amonth while our children are freezing and costs for their education is being cut. Serious changes need to be made.

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